Second competition day – sprint

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TARTU – The first day of competition at the 2018 FISU World University Ski Orienteering Championship in Haanja (Estonia) started as dazzlingly sunny day.

The women’s event started the day and, as in the sprint, Norwegian’s Anna ULVENSOEEN (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) won in 14:48s, ahead of the Estonia’s Daisy KUDRE (University of Tartu) with 15:18s on second place and Russia’s Mariia PETRUSHKO (Saint-Petersburg State University of Technology and Design) with 15:21s on third. In the men’s event, both gold and silver medals went to Russian Federation student-athletes, respectively, Sergei GORLANOV (Pacific State University) 14:48s on first place and Vladislav KISELEV (Chaijkovskij State Institute of Physical Training) 14:51s on second place. The bronze medal was won by Joergen Haugen MADSLIEN from Norway (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) with 14:55s.

Reception of the city of Tartu

City of Tartu hosted reception event in the town hall. The ceremony was opened by deputy major of Tartu Mr. Reno Laidre who was happy to host the 2018 FISU World University Ski Orienteering Championships. Mr.Laidre pointed out that in Tartu are held many successful orienteering competitions and that orienteering is very important for Tartu.

FISU Executive Committee member Mr. Fernando Parente and Estonian Academic Sports Federation President Ants Veetõusme thanked the city of Tartu for holding the championships.

After the reception, participants got the chance to network.


Interview with general manager Marek Doronin

  • How has the event gone so far?

So far, the organizing has gone greatly. Thankfully, we have an amazing team who have given their best and thanks to that we haven’t had any problems. Our situation was a little bit hectic few months back, because we couldn’t be sure if the weather would allow to even hold the championship. Because of that we had to keep our spirits high and only hope.

  • How have you been adjusting in your new role as the secretary general of the Estonian Academic Sports Federation?

Everything new is always interesting, but also a little bit scary. But, as I already said, our team excellent and everyone knows what they have to do which makes my job significantly easier.

  • What would you say to future sports event organizers?

Strength and patience. The most important is the collaboration and communication among the team. Everyone has to know their role which has to be talked through before.


Interview with Anna ULVENSOEEN (NOR), WUC ski orienteering 2018 women’s sprint winner, Chemical Engineering student in Norwegian University of Science and Technology. 

  • How do you like Haanja’s tracks? Are they rather easy or difficult? 

I liked it here very much. Funny tracks with lots of hills. Start was little difficult because of the multiple choices in tracks.

  • What do you want to achieve her in FISU World University Championship in ski orienteering 2018? Good races. Ski fast. Good results.
  • Who is you biggest competitor? My twin sister Martha Ulvensoeen (Martha got 13th place in women’s sprint)





Interview with Vladislav KISELEV (RUS), WUC SkiO orienteering 2018 men’s sprint silver medal, winter sports student in Chaijkovskij State Institute of Physical Training. 

  • How do you like Haanja’s tracks? Are they rather easy or difficult? They are good with lot of snow. There hasn’t been so much snow in this year’s competitions.
  • What do you want to achieve her in WUC SkiO 2018? Win gold medal and manage to beat Sergei Gorlanov, who is my biggest competitor.


1st General Technical Meeting

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The first General Technical Meeting of 2nd World University Ski Orienteering Championship was held today and we have uploaded the presentation of the meeting for everyone to see.

You can see or download the presentation HERE


2nd World University Championships in ski-orieteering opening ceremony will take place on the 20th of February in AHHAA science centre.

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World University Championships have reached Estonia once again. It is a pleasure that Estonian Academic Sports Federation together with Estonian Orienteering Federation are organizing World University Championship in ski-orienteering. This is only second World University Championship in ski-orienteering and therefore they carry special meaning not only to the participants but also to the organizers, since next year, ski-orienteering will be added to winter Universiade for the first time. 

Participants are coming from Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

We have ordered enough snow for the week so that conditions in Haanja forests will be good for us. Haanja forests are one of the most beautiful ones in Estonia. There is more to this week – Estonia is celebrating its 100th birthday on 24th of February and this year Estonian president’s festive reception will be held in Tartu in the evening of February 24th. 

2nd World University Championships in ski-orieteering opening ceremony will take place on 20th of February in AHHAA science centre.


All WUC2018 participants will stay in hotell Tartu

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City of  Tartu is located in the South-East part of Estonia and has good accessibility by motorway from capital city, Tallinn and also from the capital city of Latvia, Riga. Distances between these cities are around 180 km (from Tallinn) and 280 km (from Riga). The official WUC airport is Tallinn Airport (TLL). With extra cost the Organizing Committee will provide transportation also from Riga International Airport (RIX). The transportation between airports and accommodation center in Tartu will be arranged according the travel plans of delegations.

City of Tartu with it’s population of 98,480 in an area of 38.8 square kilometers is the second largest city of Estonia. Tartu, also known as the Estonia’s Students Capital with more than 25000 students and the biggest and oldest university of Estonia- University of Tartu (since 1632). The city also houses the Supreme Court of Estonia, the Ministry of Education and Research and the new impressive building of the Estonian National Museum opened to public on October 2016 Tartu is the city of sports with good facilities and fans (national level sports teams). In winter the average temperature in Estonia is −5 °C (the temperature is usually lowest in February).

The 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia will be celebrated in Tartu with many different events, concerts, exhibitions and other activities. All WUC2018 participants are welcomed to visit these celebration events.  On Saturday, 24 February, city residents are invited to attend the ceremony honouring the Estonian flag at the University of Tartu Old Observatory, as well as the celebration taking place afterwards at Town Hall Square. All information about possible traffic changes will be sent via e-mail and will be reflected in our bulletins  The city space will also be decorated in honour of anniversary week, with trees of light, street flags and posts decorated in the national colours adding festiveness to the celebration.

All WUC participants and officials will be accommodated in Hotel Tartu (visit twin rooms. The WUC Ski Orienteering venue, located in Haanja, is about 75 to 90 minutes drive from the hotel. The bookings of accommodation will be taken care by the Organizing Committee. Breakfast will be served in the hotel. Lunch and dinner will be served in the restaurant next to the hotel.

2nd World University Ski Orienteering Championship brings over 100 participants from 15 countries to Tartu, Estonia

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Estonian Academic Sports Federation (EASF), Estonian Orienteering Federation (EOF) and International University Sports Federation (FISU) are happy to welcome athletes, officials and guests to the 2nd World University Ski Orienteering Championship (WUC Ski-O) in Tartu, Estonia on February 21st – 25th , 2018. Tartu is in the South-East part of Estonia and has good accessibility from capital city of Estonia, Tallinn and also from the capital city of Latvia, Riga.Read More